Socio-Economic Development Initiatives

Socio-economic development

The Group has a broad approach to socio-economic development initiatives. AfroCentric focuses on uplifting historically disadvantaged communities and our initiatives that qualify for recognition under the socio-economic development element as stipulated in the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.

The Group has invested over R3 million towards SED initiatives, which is 1% of NPAT.

Current socio-economic development projects

We have allocated 1% of NPAT to a few flagship projects that we plan to channel a significant portion of our budget to over three to five years.

SED SPEND (R’000) – 2015/16

SED SPEND (R’000) – 2015/16

SED SPEND (R’000) – 2016/17

SED SPEND (R’000) – 2016/17

SED SPEND (R'000) – 2017/18
SED SPEND (R’000) – 2017/18


Vision for Change

AfroCentric and Vision for Change are committed to changing the lives of South African children, mainly in rural and disadvantaged communities. In collaboration with the Department of Health, we identified Emfundisweni Primary School located in the Alexandra area for conducting eye screenings for learners. Learners with visual impairments were further tested, and those in need of prescription glasses were fitted with spectacles on 14 November 2017.

  • 1 003 learners received eye screening and testing
  • 40 children were identified as having visual impairment and fitted with prescription glasses by qualified optometrists.

AHL Bursary

In 2017, four historically disadvantaged black females in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Pretoria and Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University were identified as candidates for the AHL Bursary. We are in year two of the bursary, and candidates have produced exceptional academic results. We will monitor the students further and develop a programme for their educational needs and personal wellbeing.

Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Hospital School

AfroCentric supports the Charlotte Maxeke Hospital's school with their annual needs and maintains a good relationship with the hospital for the wellbeing of the learners.

Emfundisweni Primary School Project

We are funding infrastructure, classroom and office equipment upgrades at Emfundisweni Primary School.


Tumelo Home: For the Mentally Handicapped (Tumelo Home)

AfroCentric is assisting Tumelo Home to build or acquire a secondary property which will accommodate its growing waiting list and older residents who have special stimulation needs. Tumelo Home currently houses 32 stay-in and 13 day care children and youth with severe mental and physical disabilities. The home also has a waiting list of over 300 children.


Uitkoms Home for Girls (Uitkoms)

AfroCentric purchased a 27-seater bus to address the logistical issues at Uitkoms, a community-based organisation (CBO) and non-profit organisation (NPO). Uitkoms provides residential facility for girls aged 12 to 18 years. The girls are sent for rehabilitation after exposure to abuse, exploitation, and neglect of a physical, sexual, or emotional nature.


Council of Medicines South Africa (CMSA)

At the beginning of 2018, AfroCentric committed to support CMSA with R1 million every year for the next five years. CMSA approached AfroCentric to sponsor the role of an educationist. The purpose is to strengthen the quality of (biannual) examinations, as CMSA is an independent organisation that examines medical doctors and dentists undergoing postgraduate training. The work done includes assessing doctors that undergo specialist training (there are currently 28 different colleges, each representing a different specialty).



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