AHL endorsed a holistic approach to Environmental Management within the boundaries of the Group’s operations and the integration thereof with surrounding areas, interested and affected parties, the public at large, users and communities.

The Group policy defines a belief that management should lead the example in achieving our Environmental Management goals through their personal commitment and example. Conversely, we believe that employees should be encouraged and empowered to participate and contribute freely towards our Environmental Management effort.

The Policy includes the formulation of an integrated environmental management plan that receives Executive Sponsorship and is aligned to our strategic intent.

Aligned to our policy and the leadership commitment, a decision has been taken to screen and vet all suppliers against our environmental policy and to drive our strategic intent to reduce our carbon footprint. Continued awareness and education interventions will be driven across all stakeholder groups to enable the Group to achieve its objectives and this will be supported with bi-annual gap audits to inform our strategic objectives.

Our Environmental Promise:

Integrate Environmental Management in our routine activities

Optimise the recovery and use and re-cycling of resources

Ensure compliance with National legal and regulatory requirements

Educate employees in managing sound environmental sustainability

Participate with other organisations seeking to promote product recycling and environmentally conscious designs

Ensure that harmful or hazardous materials and waste products are safely transported and disposed of

Minimise our energy consumption by introducing energy efficient equipment where possible

Encourage public participation in achieving our Environmental goals

Undertake regular evaluations of our sustainability initiatives and report internally and publicly on our progress in reducing our impact on the environment.


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