Community impact

AfroCentric is involved in sustained, collaborative, strategic efforts to uplift the wider communities. The Group is dedicated to improving community life, people's experience and continuous community learning.

Enterprise supplier development

The Group considers the preferential spending amount on black-empowered companies who provide services and products to our business. We particularly focus on black-owned small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs), who also have black female and designated group ownership.

Spend on
black-owned supplers
Spend on black
Spend on exempt
micro enterprises
Spend on
developing suppliers
and enterprises
Spend on
qualifying small
enterprises (QSEs)

Our enterprise development pillar uplifts the South African economy by developing smaller businesses and growing, among others, the small business sector. The Group has various initiatives to develop SMMEs. We invest in sustainable projects that are aligned with the Group's business objectives with a reasonable expectation of providing a direct or indirect financial return.

AHL aims to invest 2% of NPAT on developing suppliers and enterprises as it has done for the past three years. The Group has invested over R10 million in SMMEs and deserving initiatives.

Our ESD beneficiaries include:

Enterprise supplier development initiatives 2017/18


Belinda Ogundipe Associates Inc.
  Dr Ogundipe is a general practitioner with an existing practice, consulting at DBC Sandton and DBC Roodepoort. Allocated ED funding will expand the national footprint of the DBC network and provide functional rehabilitation services to underserviced areas such as Soweto.
Classic Health Consulting
  Classic Health Consulting develops innovative and practical healthcare delivery solutions for underserviced areas in Africa and other developing countries. It finalised the i-Health Clinic which offers a turn-key community primary facility and contributes to socio-economic development in South Africa's rural and under-serviced areas.
Eluthandweni Maternity Clinic
  Eluthandweni Maternity is a maternity clinic in the East Rand township, offering affordable primary healthcare services to residents. AfroCentric has assisted the Maternity Clinic to acquire an ambulance and upgrade its medical equipment, including the security aspects.
Maps at Toms 24 Hour Delivery
  Maps at Toms 24 Hour Delivery provides courier services for medication and parcels. It has successfully graduated from being an enterprise to form part of the Group's supply chain. AHL has assisted Maps at Toms 24 Hour Delivery to acquire its fleet.
Travel Nation
  Travel Nation provides comprehensive flight and package deals to individuals and corporates. AHL has invested in their unique travel system and licensing.
Medtech AfriCorp
  Medtech offers specialised services which include ensuring:
  • patients attend rehabilitation sessions after being discharged from hospital;
  • employers make alternative work arrangements in the workplace, should the injuries sustained not allow the patient to continue the same duties; and
  • patients' home environments are reorganised to complement the patients' new physical state and for the building to be disability friendly
  MBEESWAX is an online digital marketing company that is currently our preferred supplier. It assists the Group with digital strategies including presence.

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