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Afrocentric Group and Medscheme Honoured for Innovation and Efficiency

20 July 2017

JOHANNESBURG, July 20, 2017- The health and medical aid sector has honoured Medscheme, for efficiency, innovation and member experience in the industry.

The recognition, through an award, was conferred to Medscheme, a subsidiary of AfroCentric Group, this week at the Annual Board of Healthcare Funders’ (BHF) conference, held in Cape Town. AfroCentric Group were also recognised for its excellence in corporate social investment.

The awards are:

Medscheme, a subsidiary of AfroCentric Group: The Titanium award for Service Excellence in Administration;
AfroCentric Group: The Titanium Award for Excellence in Corporate Social Investment

AfroCentric Group, listed on the Johannesburg Stocks Exchange, is a black-owned, provides health administration and health risk management solutions to the healthcare funding industry.

In addition, AfroCentric provides a range of complementary services to its traditional medical scheme clients as well as a portfolio of healthcare-related enterprises. These services include IT solutions, transactional switching and specialized disease management.


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