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Predictive modelling - a key to sustaining healthcare in the future

06 May 2016

The award winning Medscheme Health Intelligence Unit (HIU) was recently invited to present at the Johns Hopkins University 2016 ACG® System International Conference. HIU delivered an update on Medscheme’s work using predictive modelling to inform the design of health risk capture strategies.

“The predictive modelling tool was developed for the implementation of the Emerging Risk Model and subsequent health care interventions. This research and monitoring has continued and ongoing results prove that the overall solution is effective. Almost four years later, the holistic solution – still unique in the market - will be offered as an additional product to the John Hopkin university’s global clients,” said Lourens Walters (General Manager: Health Intelligence Unit at Medscheme).


Lourens Walters, General Manager, Health Intelligence Unit at Medscheme.

The HIU’s predictive modelling curates and codifies the latest evidence-based guidelines and programmes from patient medical records to create a unified care plan, and facilitate care team collaboration for current and future health care delivery. Using innovative technologies, Medscheme’s HIU is able to deliver more actionable information. It allows health care organisations to make better decisions about where to invest resources for managing future risks. The Medscheme HIU has now entered into a collaboration agreement with Johns Hopkins University to offer the predictive modelling solution worldwide.

Mr. Walters said the research and its findings have the potential to slow health care cost escalation, while consistently improving benchmarks related to patient and provider satisfaction scores, as well as facilitating clinical performance improvement.

“We are excited about our health intelligence’s potential for transforming health care for people with chronic illness from a system that is reactive - responding mainly when a person is sick - to one that is proactive and focused on keeping a person as healthy as possible,” said Mr. Walters.

“Predictive modelling is rapidly emerging as an invaluable resource for cost-effective population health management. So long as an appropriate evaluation is performed on the predictive model, the modelling tools will produce sustainable improvements in health outcomes and financial returns on intervention programmes,” said Mr. Walters.

Mr. Walters and his colleagues at Medscheme’s HIU say sustainable health is a humanitarian goal focusing on the greater good.

“Sustainable health is everybody’s goal and we all have a role to play. We all share an imperative to build a meaningful methodology to bring about the noble ideal of providing health care to everybody in a sustainable way. Medscheme’s award winning programme is a significant step on this journey,” said Mr. Walters.

In 2014, Medscheme received the Starfield International Award in recognition for Medscheme’s HIU’s modelling which helps companies identify and manage the health of members who are at risk for chronic disease.

Source: FA News 


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