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AfroCentric Health Limited demonstrates victory in HR strategy

27 July 2015

AfroCentric Health Limited wins two awards – Best HR Strategic Plan and Best Health and Well Being Strategy at Careers24 The Future of HR Awards on 23 July.

“We are honoured to be recipients of these two awards. This highlights the fact that HR strategy is central to the achievement of the business outcome,” Lee Callakoppen, Executive Director: Human Capital and Facilities, AfroCentric Health Limited.

The Best HR Strategic Plan Award recognises the HR team that has driven and implemented the most innovative and successful strategic plan; the Best Health and Well Being Strategy Award explores planned programmes to enhance and improve health and wellness for employees.

The company is currently running an internship and learnership programme, which includes people with disabilities. “It is key to transform South African organisations to make a broad difference in society and growing economy,” Callakoppen added.

AfroCentric Health Limited was one of the finalists within the Best Learning and Development Strategy category; however KPMG Services scooped the award, which celebrates the HR team that has delivered the most outstanding organisational benefits by directly linking the training needs of their people to the business needs of their organisation.

Heidi Volschenk, Director: Learning and Development, KPMG Services, has been with the department for 15 years and “this award is a great achievement for us as a team,” she said. “We take the development of people seriously – from the training we provide to our security guards through to thought leadership shared amongst our partners.”

As part of learning and development, KPMG Services runs an annual three-day programme called Spring Schools focusing on the growth of local teachers. “The programme has been going for two years and the number of participants increase annually,” Volschenk mentioned.

Shirley Zinn, one of the judges mentioned “the quality of nominations was at a very high standard and the competition was tough. HR professionals in South Africa demonstrated innovative initiatives in putting people at the centre of business success. They continue to push the boundaries, making the impossible possible. We salute the winners and trust that they will inspire continued excellence and high performance in this profession.”

“We are very proud to be involved in an awards initiative like this that recognises the importance of the role of HR in good business practice,” says Marc Privett – Head of Careers24. “We at Careers24 believe very strongly in the power of innovation in the HR and recruitment sector and the entries we saw this year were very inspiring and, I believe, a good indicator of how the sector has grown.”

Source: HR Pulse


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