ICT Steering Committee

The ICT Steering Committee manages the progress of all information and communication technology initiatives associated with goals from the Group’s ICT strategy.

Member Number of
    Activities in the 2018 financial year
Sello Mmakau Chairperson and Independent Non-executive Director 4/4    
  • Reviewed all ICT policies including the business continuity plan
  • Reviewed and recommended the digital ICT strategy
  • Monitored the progress in the Fusion project
  • Ensured the alignment of the business and technical project management functions

Anthony Pedersen Medscheme CEO and Executive Director 3/4    
Vijay Pillay Executive Director 4/4    
Antoine van Buuren Group CEO and Executive Director 4/4    
Hannes Boonzaaier Group CFO and Executive Director 4/4    
Rudzani Nemaangani Chief Audit Executive 3/4    


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