Investment Committee

The Investment Committee oversees the approval processes for investments. These ensure alignment with the Group’s agreed strategies and values.

Member Number of
    Activities in the 2018 financial year
Joe Madungandaba Chairperson and Non-executive Director 7/7    
  • Considered the acquisitions or disposals and first time investments in the Group
  • Considered the viability of the capital project and/or acquisition and/or disposal and their potential effect on the Group’s cash flow, as well as whether it will fit the Group’s overall strategy
  • Managed capital allocation within the Group
  • Ensured due diligence procedures when acquiring or disposing of assets
  • Reviewed and recommended the dividend policy of the Group for Board approval.

Ahmed Banderker Non-executive Director 7/7    
Meyer Kahn Lead Independent Non-executive Director 7/7    
Michael (Motty) Sacks Independent Non-executive Director 4/7    
Antoine van Buuren Group CEO and Executive Director 7/7    
Willem Britz Executive Director 7/7    
Nkateko Munisi Non-executive Director 1/7    


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