Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee has adopted formal terms of reference that have been approved by the Board of Directors and are reviewed annually. The Audit and Risk Committee has executed its duties during the past financial year in accordance with these terms of reference.

Member Number of
    Activities in the 2018 financial year
Lindani Dhlamini Chairperson and Independent Non-executive Director 6/6    
  • Reviewed and approved year-end results and announcement (recommended for Board approval)
  • Reviewed profit announcements and made recommendations to the Board
  • Reviewed and approved all major accounting policy decisions affecting year-end results
  • Reviewed the risk and opportunities register
  • Reviewed the Group’s position on contingent liabilities and other claims at financial year-end
  • Reviewed and confirmed the updated authority levels
  • Reviewed non-audit services fees paid to the external auditors

Sello Mmakau Independent Non-executive Director 6/6    
Grathel Motau Independent Non-executive Director 5/6    


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