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The AfroCentric Group’s most significant investment lies in its equity interest in AHL. Accordingly, the Group profile has been compiled from an AfroCentric Health level. The Group has an array of various brands characterised by a series of companies with their own brands operating under an umbrella “house” brand, namely AfroCentric Health. The operating structure of the Group follows through from this “umbrella” approach and is reflected in the following diagram with Medscheme being the largest operating company in the Group.

Klinikka (Pty) Ltd is the sublicense holder of the DBC Concept in the South Africa as appointed by AfroCentric Health Limited, the DBC Master License Holder in Southern Africa.

Klinikka currently provides DBC Equipment and Administration services to 12 musculoskeletal treatment Centres in South Africa and will increase this number to 19 at the end of 2016.

The DBC (Documentation Based Care) Concept is an individualized evidence based multidisciplinary treatment approach to manage musculoskeletal disorders. In South Africa the focus is on back and neck conditions but protocols are available for the shoulder, hip and knee as well

AfroCentric Health


AfroCentric Health

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